Will There Be a Cyber Security System in Ukraine? Overview of the Month

Verkhovna Rada has adopted draft law #2126a on foundations of cybersecurity in Ukraine in the repeated second reading. Will this law mark the beginning of dialogue between the authorities, society, and business? Read in our overview of the month.

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Will there be dialogue and a system of cyber security?

Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law #2126a on foundations of cyber security of Ukraine in the repeated second reading. On October 5, 257 deputies voted for it. This is primarily a framework document aimed to created a national system of cybersecurity and make the rules at the legislative level that will in the future regulate the cyber security of the country.

At the same time, this is one of the draft laws, some provisions of which were argued against by the key media NGOs, experts, and activists. In particular, the ‘Lukyanchuk amendment’ on classifying ‘technological information’ as information with restricted access.

According to the first deputy of the head of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy Olha Chervakova, this amendment was withdrawn from the final text of the draft law.

In the photo (L): first deputy of the head of the committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy Olha Chervakova. Source: Verkhovna Rada Twitter, October 5, 2017

Whether the adopted law will begin the dialogue between the authorities, the society, and business, was discussed by the experts as part of our special project Free Internet, which was launched in October. The information is available on Internet Freedom and Channel 24 websites.

Law on cybersecurity: whom and how will it protect? More on how the crimes in the cyber sphere in our country will be regulated after the law comes into action (in six months since the day it is published), READ HERE

Who is responsible for cyber protection in Ukraine? Why don’t Derzhspetszvyazok, cyber police, the SSU, and the NSDC who are the four main actors in this sphere don’t work as a system, but rather on their own, and why business needs to be involved in national cyber security? FIND OUT HERE

The authorities are tackling the aftermath of cyber crimes, not preventing them. How do we explain the steps that the state has been taking for three years after the war with Russia started to protect the cyberspace in the absence of necessary legislation? DETAILS HERE


Sentences and searches

18 years in prison for two. In Zhytomyr oblast, two citizens of Ukraine were sentenced to time in prison for providing equipment and consultations to Novorossiya TV channel. READ MORE

Trial to follow. Pretrial investigation in the case of blogger propagandist from Zhytomyr is completed. The SSU detained the blogger in August this year. DETAILS

Anti-Ukrainian materials and fake protests. The SSU had detained the ‘DNR’ propagandist in Zaporizhzhia. It is reported that the man was creating and posting materials with calls to violate the territorial integrity and inviolability of borders on Ukraine on separatist Internet resource. READ MORE

Which telecom operators and providers did the SSU search on October 19? On September 19, the SSU carried out searches in a number of companies based on a court decision that lists 5 telecom operators and providers: Fiordnet, Evrotranstelecom, Miksnet, Miksnet Plus, and Ftikom (Donetsk). DETAILS

Pavlo Gryb. Activists are demanding that Ukrainian doctors are allowed to see the boy arrested by Russia. The campaign to support Pavlo and the flashmob with hashtags #freeHryb #UADoctorsForHryb is ongoing. MORE HERE

2017 Index of Physical Security of Journalists. First — bullying on social networks and on the phone, then — physical attacks. Since the beginning of the year, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine documented 75 cases of physical aggression against media employees. DETAILS

Internet Freedom

Restricting Internet Freedom in Ukraine. What is wrong with it? Initiative on protecting media law tried to answer important questions: “Why is freedom of the Internet so important?” “What is it anyway?” “Why restricting Internet freedom is dangerous?” “What are the international practices?” READ ANSWERS

How does the Internet endanger children? On October 6, 2017 the 8th Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum IGF-UA took place. The participants discussed various Internet-related issues. We have gathered ideas on the topic that is frequently overlooked but that is becoming more and more urgent in the recent years — security concerns and freedoms of children on the Internet. READ

Screenshot from the live video of the 8th Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum IGF-UA. In the photo: NGO “Internews Ukraine” Head of New Media, expert of Internet Freedom project Vitalii Moroz

Cryptocurrencies in Ukraine

Will cryptocurrencies be legalized in Ukraine? On October 6, draft law #7183 On circulation of cyber currency in Ukraine was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. MORE

Some Ukrainian websites apologized for mining cryptocurrency through the computers of their visitors. This possibility is provided by miner CoinHive that was released several weeks ago. In particular, it was used by websites that are part of the UMH holding — Football.ua, Korrespondent.net, iSport.ua, tochka.net. MORE

Against censorship on the Russian YouTube

Detained during a protest in Russia. On October 2, protests against censorship on the Russian YouTube took place in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Over 20 people were detained. MORE

In the previous overview, we wrote about the threats and perspectives of draft laws on Internet regulation. The overview is available here.

The overview has been written by NGO “Internews Ukraine” as part of implementing the project Internet Freedom in Ukraine: Supporting the Principles of Freedom of Speech and Security in the Time of Conflict.”


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